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Welcome to Ode – A communication agency based in Malmö, Sweden

What is it that makes certain slogans stick like glue in your mind? That makes some websites rank high on Google, and some stories go viral? To make people find you, you need to cut through the noise. Ode is a communication agency specialising in content marketing. We combine journalistic storytelling, ad copywriting and SEO to make sure your customers find you – and stay with you. Using the insights of yesterday’s data and tomorrow’s forecasts, we create stories that last.

Our services
Strategy & Advisory

Tailored communication and content marketing strategies with hands-on guidelines to improve your digital marketing results.

Content marketing

Content for your website, blog, social media, newsletters or press releases. We function as your producers and editors.


Targeted, branded SEO copywriting for your website that tells your story from the beginning.

Courses & Seminars

Get the hands-on tools and updates to take your digital communication and marketing to a new level with a seminar, course or workshop with us.

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CEO, brand strategy

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Copywriting & content

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