It’s Monday morning. Imagine you’re in the office, discussing with your colleagues how you could improve the company’s marketing. How does one reach people nowadays? How does one catch the attention of potential new clients? Why is nobody reading your posts?

storytelling content marketing with a twist
Your message needs a twist.

Last week you launched a Facebook campaign, but it didn’t really take off. Your competitors also seem to be spending more on AdWords to climb the Google ranking ladder, leaving you further down the list of search results. How to compete?

The answer is: The communication with your potential clients needs to be more frequent and more spot on. You need to increase your touchpoints – the number of situations where you reach and interfere with potential clients. And you need to make sure that every time you reach them, you stand out. That you’re different from the rest.

So what can you communicate? What could you possibly be talking about in all these posts, articles and e-mails? You have the message, the products and the services, but you can’t go on nagging about that several times a week. That’s considered too commercial, or even spam, which your audience will reject.

What’s happening in your business?

What you need is to figure out what to tell your customers when you’re not allowed to talk about your business itself, or even your offer. You need to find stories that share your expertise as a brand – enough stories to produce new posts, emails or newsletters frequently.

Is there really that much happening in my business? you might ask.

Yes, there is!

People tend not to see it because they’re right in the middle of it. Or they see things that they think are stories, but that their customers won’t find interesting or accessible – stories that, in the end, don’t manage to cut through the noise.

Time for a private detective?

Imagine instead that your company hired a private detective, or a journalist, to investigate your company in search of storytelling material. Someone who could look at your business from an outside perspective and say:

– Hey, what you’re doing right here is fascinating and unique.


– That thing isn’t worth communicating at all. It’s irrelevant.


– That’s way too complicated to understand for someone who’s not one of you.

Imagine that this private detective got back to you with a list for 2-3 fascinating short stories that could be told and posted every week. Stories that are unique and interesting for someone who has never heard of your business or doesn’t have any previous knowledge about your field. Stories told in a way that they make your business appear as the go-to brand/website/page for more stories like these.

A credible source of information, inspiration and – eventually – products and services.

This private detective would be an expert in finding good ideas and patterns in things, in creating stories and dramaturgy, but also understanding your message and business goals, to find this for you.

Continuously creating and posting stories not only strengthens your brand and draws people’s attention when executed professionally. It also repeatedly encourages digital word-of-mouth – dedicated people sharing your stories – and most of all it’s creating constant touchpoints and opportunities for potential new clients.

Are you constantly creating new stories and touchpoints?

The reason you clicked this headline is because

  1. You were intrigued and curious to find the answer
  2. You normally like our posts and thought this one might be good as well
  3. You were annoyed but couldn’t help clicking it, because – why not?

No matter why, it shows that this post appeared in your news feed. The reason it did is because someone shared it. This person might be one of us, one of our followers, or a freind of a friend of a follower …

Or, you found it through googling the topic, and Google thought it was one of the best suggested answers to your question, since other visitors and readers thought so.

Imagine this would be the case for all of your stories, every week, every month. There is so much value in these touchpoints, because over time the content created through published stories also ranks your page better every day.

It all starts with an intriguing headline…

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