Meet Anna Haraldsson, our happy intern!

Anna Haraldsson, intern at Ode Agency.

Hi Anna! What will you be doing at Ode?

– I’m proud to say that I’m Ode’s first intern – ever. So: I’ll be doing anything they’ll let me! Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute to the creation of lots of great content, developing strategies and plans for different projects as we go along.

What’s your background?

– I’m an amateur photographer who became a bouncer (yes!) but dreamt of studying. Luckily I ended up at Lund University studying Strategic Communications, now at my senior year.

What do you think is the main challenge for marketers today?

– Cutting through the loud noise of our time. I think that really reaching the right people, connecting with them and creating trust can be problematic if you don’t have the right tools or true understanding of your audience. Also, keeping up with and staying ahead of your competitors can be tough.

And the most common marketing or communication mistake that companies make?

– When you’re deeply involved and invested in a project it’s easy to become attached to it and lose objectivity. This means you have to critically analyse everything you communicate to your audience. If you overcomplicate things you won’t be able to reach people the way you want to.

What do you do at work, when you think that no one sees you?

– Dance to loud music, of course. Who doesn’t?

Where do you find inspiration?

– In other people. People with good energy and a great mindset, that want to do good things and to do things differently.