Ode Agency

Ode Agency is a digital communication agency specializing in high-quality content marketing.

We started off as a network of copywriters and former journalists, who discovered that the combination of our skills – storytelling, advertising and SEO – cuts through the noise.

Originally, there were two of us: Anna, a magazine editor, and Linnéa, a copywriter. We happened to meet in a café in Malmö, southern Sweden, and started to discuss the future of digital marketing.

A few days later, we founded the company that we had both been looking for: an agency combining high-quality, creative storytelling with advertising concepts and SEO. That is, a unique understanding of the digital evolution and how to use this to create communication that lasts.

Today, we are an international collective of writers and creatives, doing what we love – helping companies all over Europe to reach out, enter new markets and grow, by doing what they love.

The wonderful thing about what we do is that it pays back every day. High-quality content not only attracts, engages and converts customers, it creates a digital echo of your brand that can establish you as the go-to company in your field. This is why high-quality content and copywriting is promoted by Google, Facebook and other search engines and social media.

By constantly building your digital content bank, you grow your brand value, spread your message and drive traffic every day.

It’s like PR, but it lasts.


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