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Ready to take your marketing to the next level?

Get new tools to communicate effectively and create stories that multiply.
We offer courses, seminars and workshops that challenge you to think in new ways – and will show you how to improve your everyday marketing.


Content marketing

Publishing content is one thing. Excelling in quality content marketing that converts new customers and makes you the owner of your market over time is something else. Learn how to do digital marketing by telling your story the right way through the right channels. We look at planning, producing and distributing content as a marketing method to increase brand awareness and sales, and how this means less effort and better results for your business.

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Content marketing 2.0 (masterclass)

Digital marketing is evolving. Our content marketing masterclass lets you challenge and improve your content marketing skills to optimize your everyday tasks and decisions. You are telling the story of your business, but also the story of your customers. Are you ready to become the content leader in your field? During our masterclass we take your content marketing to the next level, and give you the latest trend forecasts and tools.

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Tomorrow’s digital marketing

Stay ahead. Forget today’s trends. What’s in between – and beyond? To be the leader of tomorrow’s marketing, you need to understand the new consumer and reader behavior and where we are heading. You need to anticipate and know what to prioritize and start doing this today. We have a look at the current forecasts and how to adjust and implement new strategies to be prepared not only for tomorrow, but for the day after tomorrow.

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Writing for the web

How can you write and publish digital texts that drive traffic, attract readers, engage and convert? Learn more about readability, new media consumer behavior, click-worthy headlines, publishing frequency and digital channel tactics. We will discuss journalistic principals for how to create reader value and write SEO texts that convert, for your website, blog and other digital channels.

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Effective social media marketing

Every time you post something in social media, your marketing is supposed to work like a digital ecosystem – where your followers share your content. With some key strategies and tactics you can maximize the results of your social media activities: wider reach, more interaction, loyal followers, increased traffic to your website and a stronger brand. We look at examples of brands and businesses in social media to study what does – and does not – work.

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Media training

Learn how your business can communicate strategically with journalists and media. During this workshop we look at how your company can manage publicity effectively: what media and channels you should focus on, how and when to publish what and how you maximize your chances of getting media exposure. Our team consists of former journalists with editorial experience and PR experts that have trained private businesses and governmental organisations. 

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Get new skills and qualifications to develop your branding and communication work. Depending on your needs and challenges, we put together a tailored half day/one day course, webinar, seminar or workshop for you on how to stay ahead and work smarter with your marketing.

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”Thank you for one of the most substantial and useful courses I’ve taken.
Now I just want to head back to work and start writing.”
– Participant

”Great teacher, great course, great day.”
– Participant

”Anna Sandahl has held her Writing for the Web course for our members several times.
Each time, it was one of the easiest courses for us to fill up and got high ratings in our course evaluations. Quickly exceeding the minimum number of registered attendees is a huge relief for us in our planning. In an industry full of seminars and courses that are too theoretical, entertaining or focused on soft skills, you know you have found a real gem in Anna
because our members gain knowledge and skills they can apply immediately to improve their work on web texts.”
– David Friedman,
CPD Committee Chair, Swedish Association of Professional Translators